Making hair salons sustainable

Time to wake up

The hair and beauty industry has been needing a huge wake up call.

For years, the chemicals (ie hair colour, bleach, peroxide’s etc) we use, simply gets washed down the drain and goes straight into our oceans affecting sea life with water contamination.

The amount of plastics not being recycled properly is astonishing.

Foil has been disposed of incorrectly for years making its way into landfill.

Latex gloves are not recyclable therefore they end up either in landfill, in our oceans or on our streets. A hair salon goes through hundreds of these a week. .

Sustainable Salons

So we at BOSS are making a difference and are trying to create change.

We have teamed with “Sustainable salons” to ensure we are doing everything we can to make a difference, and the word is spreading fast.

Not only are we turning hair into wigs and sponges to soak up oil spills, we’re scraping all unused or wasted colour chemicals into a toxins bin to be thoughtfully disposed of.

Walking the talk in the refurbished salon

We are recycling all plastics and paper AND we are also making a huge difference with the new salon build:

  • Our salon is now made from recycled timber shelving.
  • We use 100% recycled capes instead of plastic capes.
  • We use recyclable foils. We are using reusable gloves instead of latex.
  • We have now installed @ecoheads shower heads for our salon basin which saves up to 60% of water usage.
  • All retail products are environmentally friendly and vegan.
  • Even our salon chairs are environmentally friendly, vegan leather and all other furniture has been upcycled.
  • Our tint brushes are made from recycled plastics.
  • We work digitally rather than printing day sheets to eliminate the over use of paper
  • And we even use environmentally friendly hand wash from @Tirtyl to reduce the amount of chemicals and wastage in our salon.

We are pushing to make a difference to our industry, because quite frankly, it needs to be changed.

Our industry is better when we consider the planet. So every time you visit us, you’re making a difference too.